Shade Of Dark (Part - 1( on Scriblyz

Shade Of Dark (Part - 1(

By: Chirayuwriter


    Interviewing the famous writer of the 21st century
    and when he asked about the dark shade of life,
    what he said is what my story is all about,
    which he never revealed before to anyone.

    Story Begins:

    He: Last Question to you
    Mr. Rahul, which is a very important one
    I hope you will answer this,
    What is the shade of Dark?
    Me: Sorry?
    He: Sir Sorry to ask you this question,
    but this is my job
    What is the shade of Dark sir?
    Please respond sir whenever this question asked
    you have always been so quiet & ignored many times
    so please sir today is the right day and time
    Let this world know sir what you have gone through
    what is the story behind "Shade of Dark"?
    (Action: Drink a glass of water)
    So Listen,
    I know what I have gone through
    I never wanted to reopen that phase of life
    Where my life shade was not brighter it was a complete darker
    (Like lonely in the theatre at midnight watching
    the first time a scary movie
    and thereafter everything was so horrific)
    I know that day when the shade of dark entered in me,
    I felt like the world I was living has changed to its opposite
    no one I could see, hear or even imagine,
    my vision and sense have gone somewhere
    I was alive, but I was not alive because I don't know
    what was going on with me or around me,
    I was like I am addicted to something
    which was very dark and I have lost in it completely
    I still feel that sometimes
    because I can never forget till the end of my life,
    I hope and wish that
    no one sees in their lives,
    I know how I faced everything and
    how my time in the day gets ended and
    how it started it was like blinking and then a day changed
    it tells that I don't know anything, I was a complete blank
    I couldn't know when I was eating, sleeping or even waking,
    It was like I was in the dark cell of the jail behind the grill
    for no mistake or offense,
    I know that time how hard was to live
    Every time I was feeling so ill so all the time very sleepy,
    everything was something that even not a coma patient
    might have gone through,
    Every time I was sleepy and
    On the chair, I use to live my day and night, I don't move anywhere
    just sleep at one place, because I was mentally arrested by the shade of dark,
    who was destroying me completely, I was dying every second
    No one was there to see me, and I never expected anyone
    Because of them, the shade of dark came in me,
    My life was a complete meaning of the word "hell"
    From living, working to loving life was complete hell, nothing was right
    It all because of them who played with my feelings,
    who took me for the granted and used me like to butter on the bread,
    "They all sucked me off completely"