Cross My Heart on Scriblyz

Cross My Heart

By: XlonelylightswritesX

At St. Andrews catholic school for girls I can assure you that nothing is as it seems...

At first glance you may think, wow what a beautiful and educational environment to enroll my teenage daughter into, here she can work on her studies while under the watchful eye of the church.

That's exactly what Violette Grey's parents assumed, but what they didn't know is that once classes are over and the church bells stop ringing and the nuns have retired to Their chambers, those pretty little catholic girls aren't as good as they seem. Between getting caught up with the boys of St Clare's and trying to maintain they're GPA's it's nearly impossible, but even good girls do bad things sometimes...

But someone's jealous and someone saw something they shouldn't have and now that someone is missing.

But I can assure you they keep they're rosary's on, always, cross my heart.