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The Walk

Summary: A short poem on what it means to love another unconditionally.

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Live your life before... Read Now

The Bet: A Gert...


This fanfic takes place in an alternative universe where the kids from the Runaway... Read Now

More than just a...


Micro stories about everything.

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What would you do if your dream crush was real? 

Follow Katelyn, a high... Read Now

Music Over Boys


Ava was born to rock and nothing will stand in her way, not even love.

What... Read Now

The Beast

Summary: In the darkness there dwells a beast. Not just any beast, but one that can consume on... Read Now


Summary: Warnings like this don't come as sweet as I am. A short poem. Read Now

A Second Chance

Summary: *** A SHORT WEREWOLF STORY *** Crystal blue eyes that often looked her way with ha... Read Now

Reject and Kidna...

Summary: First Melody's mate reject's her and then somebody kidnapped her. All she could think... Read Now

How To Win and L...

Summary: Is it possible to love and lose your best friend in an instance? Callie is in for a... Read Now


Summary: Trapped in isolation Thoughts are running through your mind While blood refuses to... Read Now

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